BYOD Chromebook – Belmont Intermediate School Exclusive Prices

To aid parents and caregivers with the purchasing of BYOD devices, Belmont Intermediate School has arranged with our Chromebook providers, Acquire, to supply Chromebooks and accessories for you to purchase. We have negotiated competitive prices with Acquire and purchases can be made directly with Acquire by accessing the Belmont Intermediate School Exclusive portal 

Once you have registered on the Belmont Intermediate School portal, you will be e-mailed a password with which to sign in and make purchases. When you arrive at the check-out screen, leave the “Apply Voucher Code” box blank, no code is required.

A standard 12-month warranty is provided on all chrome books and extended 3 year warranties are also available to purchase on the portal.

Please note that the lead time for delivery is 2-3 weeks and that the prices below are only while stocks last.

The portal will be updated with new specials and new products periodically.

If you have further queries relating to the products or the portal, please contact Acquire directly via the portal or on 0800 444 774

Education Only Prices

Many other IT products are available for purchase on the Acquire website, if you are logged in under the user name you registered within the Belmont Intermediate School portal you will receive discounted Education Only prices.