Electives at BIS



The purpose of offering students an elective timetable is to inspire and encourage students to undertake learning of their choice across multiple intelligences. The unique skill sets our dedicated teachers possess will be utilized to facilitate inspired, creative and innovative programmes, which enhance and extend learning outcomes.

A new strategic intent is committed to providing an exciting and irresistibly engaging curriculum for all Belmont Intermediate students. Our vast range of elective options will allow all students the opportunity to experience new and challenging ways of learning.

It furthers our responsibility in meeting the needs of emerging adolescents and fosters a passion for life long learning across many curriculum areas. It allows us, as staff, to take calculated risks and try new initiatives with a mindset of continuous improvement.  It ensures the student voice of Belmont Intermediate is heard, specific and highly engaged learning is undertaken, and our learning community continues to grow together.

Electives occur 3 times during each 10 day timetable during block 3, from 2-3pm.  Each students chooses from a large range of electives, and we will take part in one of their 3 choices.   The aim of the electives programme is for students to experience a subject to extend their potential or provide accelerated extension learning.

Some classes have a materials requirement and fee, please see the schedule below.

HOLA! An introduction to Spanish
Rm 6

Film Making
Room 16

Ultimate Frisbee
Room 5 and fields

Fashion and Design
Middle Tech Block

Digital Learning
Room 7

Lip Sync Battles
Room 2

Dance/Drama Room

Decorative Lettering
Room 17

Hip Hop Crews

Lights, Camera Action!
Room 10

Visual Diaries
Room 14

Guitar and Singing
Room 17

Art Galore!
Art Room

Get Creative with Wool
Food Tech Room

Bucket Drumming
Room 10 and netball courts

House Design
Room 19

Lighting up your world
Room 18

Art around the world
Room 3

Fun with first aid
Room 20

Hands on Science
Science Room

Rooms 8 & 9

Circle of Friends

Technical Drawing
Middle Tech Block

Room 4 

Kit set modelling
Room 11 

Room 12