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BIS Child Protection Policy
Digital Citizenship Agreement 2017
Student Guide 2017
BIS Cycling Agreement 2017
Belmont Intermediate School Uniform 2018
Stationery 2018
ICAS Information 2017
Allergy Care Plan - Allergic Reactions
Allergy Care Plan - Anaphylaxis Epi Pen General
Allergy Care Plan - Anaphylaxis Epi Pen Personal
Administration of Medication (short term)
Maintenance and Administration of Medication

Camp Information 2018

School App - FlexiBuzz

At BIS we use a school app to send out alerts and reminders, click here to read more

Absence Reporting

You can report your child's absence using our school app 'Flexibuzz', read more here

Travelling to School

All students who cycle to and from school must sign and adhere to our BIS Cycling Agreement

For bus timetable please click here

For cycling and walking information please see

Belmont Music Centre

Belmont Music Centre provides high quality tuition for primary and intermediate students, held at Belmont Intermediate School on Saturday mornings.  read more

Term Dates 2017 & 2018

Term 4 16 October   15 December
Term 1 30 January   13 April
Term 2 30 April   6 July
Term 3 23 July   28 September
Term 4 15 October   14 December

Donation & Activity Fee

For full details on donations, activity fee and payment options etc please click here

Making a Payment

For details on how to make a payment please click here

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

We are a BYOD school.  Students have the option of bringing a device and they and their parents sign an agreement.  BYOD will be reviewed and modified as necessary.

At present there are a variety of devices being used - from tablets to laptops and some smaller devices.  We do not allow students to use 3G or 4G at school.  Students use the secure wifi network which is supported by a robust firewall.

Dental Clinic

Belmont Children's Community Clinic, Winscombe Street Entrance – Gate 1
read more

Lost Property

Our lost property is run by parent/grandparent volunteers during lunchtimes. Our aim is to re-unite as many children as possible with their uniform!  Lost property will be open for students/parents on Tuesdays and Thursdays 1.30pm - 2pm, located in the Lost Property room, adjacent to the school hall.

PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOUR CHILD’S UNIFORM IS LABELLED CLEARLY - with name, room number and a parent’s mobile phone if possible.  If you’d like to volunteer or have any questions please contact Kirsty on 021 722 454 or call the office on 489 4878 or email

Second Hand Uniform

Second hand uniforms are now kept at the school and will be available to purchase Tuesdays and Thursdays 1.30pm - 2pm in the Lost Property room, adjacent to the school hall.  If you would like to donate any items, please drop them off at the school office.  All enquires to Kirsty on 021 722 454 or email


For our second hand uniform sale to work as well as our ongoing Lost Property service, we urgently need parent volunteers to help.

Please contact our new co-ordinator if you can either: help during the year by giving one lunchtime weekly/fortnightly in Lost Property - even once a term will help!  Our co-ordinator, Kirsty can be contacted by email or on call or text 021 722 454.