Dental Clinic

Belmont Children's Community Clinic
Belmont Intermediate School
Winscombe Street Entrance Gate 1

The clinic has parking outside the door

Ph  445 6664

The dental clinic at Belmont Intermediate School provides all schools on the peninsula.

A dental therapist with an assistant will visit the local primary schools on a rotational basis in a mobile dental van.  Only examinations and some preventative work can be done in the mobile dental van.  Operative dental work is carried out by appointment at the clinic.

Intermediate aged children are called to the dental clinic during school hourse throughout the course of the school year.  They may pop into the clinic at any time, or parents can phone the clinic to arrange an appointment for them, if they have a dental problem on 445 6664.

Pre-schoolers can be entrolled at any age.

For any general enquireis contacts ARDS on 09 839 0565 or 0800 825 583

North Manager   Belinda Tafua 09 838 1710
Adolescent/High School Co-ordinator   09 838 1711