Click here to download the 2019 stationery list. Please ensure that the exact requirements are purchased, it is essential that you do not substitute with similar items. You may find that you have many of the items on the list already.  

Save time, save money, buy online with OfficeMax and get the stationery delivered to your home or work!

To aid parents and caregivers with purchasing stationery, Belmont Intermediate School has teamed up with OfficeMax to get you the best deals for your stationery requirements. OfficeMax provides a “Lowest Price Guarantee”.

Our stationery requirements have been uploaded to the OfficeMax website ready for you to order. Click here to go directly to the OfficeMax website, select all or de-select stationery as necessary. All orders over $46.00 receive free delivery.

Payment Options

OfficeMax have three payment options, please see below.

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