Board Members

The board of trustees is made up of four parent representatives, a staff representative and the principal.  We are responsible to you, our community, for the following:

  • setting the strategic vision for the school
  • working with staff to set measurable goals for academic achievement in the school
  • establishing policies to make sure the school is effectively run in a whole range of areas from financial management to buildings and maintenance
  • monitoring the implementation of those policies to make sure our students are getting the quality education they deserve

We welcome your ideas and feedback.

Brendon Clark, Board Chair

Board of Trustees Policies

  • Communication
  • Curriculum Delivery
  • Delegated Authority for Disciplinary Committee
  • Health and Safety
  • Reporting to the Board
  • Role of the Principal
  • Monitoring Student Achievement
  • Uniform
  • Treaty of Waitangi

If you require any of the above policies, please email

BIS Child Protection Policy

BIS Complaints Procedure

Board Members

Members of our board are as follows:

Nick Hill, Principal

Brendon Clark, Board Chair

Anne Paterson, Staff Rep

Catherine Thorpe

Kevin Miles

Pip Kistler