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We have an active and committed PTA.  It supports BIS by;

-        providing a link between students, parents/caregivers and the school;
-        raising funds to provide improved facilities and educational opportunities for members of the school community;
-        encouraging parents/caregivers to be involved in the education of their children; and
-        promoting the school in the community.

All parents, caregivers and staff are entitled to be members and are welcome to participate in the PTA. Involvement with the PTA is a very positive way to be involved in your child's school, at whatever level you can manage.

The BIS PTA Welcomes New Members for 2019. 

We would love four more members if possible, especially parents of current year 6 children, to help carry the PTA beyond 2019, when many on the current PTA will be leaving the school.

The PTA meets for an hour or so, once a month, ten times a year and helps organise lots of fun events for our school. Last year we helped raise over $48,000 for BIS.

Here is a list of the events that the PTA assists with over the year:

- Swimming Sports Sausage Sizzle in Feb (PTA organises and runs the sizzle)

- Family Fun Night in March  (kids run this event - PTA runs a sausage sizzle)
- Term 2 Disco – (PTA sells drinks and food) 

- Shore to Shore (BIS running club takes part - PTA runs a sausage sizzle)
- Family Movie Night at The Vic in Mar/Apr  (PTA advertises tickets and organises a raffle)

- Knowledgeathon in June (PTA counts the funds raised by our kids)  

- Term 3 Disco (PTA sells drinks and food) 

- Blokes Night in Sept (PTA organises auction items craft beer and games in the hall) 

- Orienteering Event – Nov (PTA organises a raffle pre event, and sells drinks and food at the event)

Being a PTA member is not a huge commitment, especially when we have a good sized PTA. We would really value your help this year.

Fundraising goals for this year include:

- Music Resources: guitars, primarily electric, electric drum kits with head phones, and amplifiers together with other band resources.

-  Sports equipment: mobile futsal nets that can be used on both tar seal and grass for lunch time play and house football tournaments.

-  Sports Uniforms: new tracksuits and uniforms for Hockey and Football.

- Garden to Table: BIS is working with Rotary and student leaders and school parents. Rotary has offered a $2,000 subsidy to establish this programme at school. BIS is potentially looking at greenhouses at some stage. Kids will design and manage the growing programme.

- Media Resources:  portable video cameras and microphones which will be securely stored in a classroom pod but used during electives in media studies.

If you don’t think you can make a few PTA monthly meetings in the evening as a full PTA member, but you do want to help with certain events; we also have a ‘Friends of the PTA’ contact list. You would be on an email list and from time to time would be asked to help at various events. This is a lesser commitment and you can just let us know if you can help, but there is no expectation to do so.

PTA Activities

More news coming soon.....

Become part of our PTA

Thank you to everyone who is willing to offer a little time every now and again. A small contribution from many really helps! If you are keen to meet other parents in your community and make a difference in kid’s lives; come and join us on the PTA. We would love to hear from you.

In addition to the PTA Committee, which meets monthly in term time, we have people on the ‘Friends of the PTA’ contact list. If you can't commit to regular meetings, but would like to offer occasional help throughout the year, this is a great way to be included and kept informed as to how you can help. To be included in the Friends of the PTA circulation list email