Teachers work collaboratively in teaching and learning teams, comprising of 2 Year 7 teams, 2 Year 8 teams including specialist staff.  We also have support staff, a learning support centre and teacher aides. 

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Senior Management  
Nick Hill, Principal  
Anne Paterson, Deputy Principal      
Claire Janes, Deputy Principal  
Lauren Tyler, Assistant Principal  
Team Rangitoto - Year 8  
Erin Loader (Team Leader)  
Paul Howard  
James Lauder  
Caitlin Milligan  
Sarah Bothamley  
Susan Revell  
Team Motuihe - Year 8  
Carly Tustian (Team Leader)  
Ann-Maree Beazley  
Shane Vallender  
Caitlin McKeown  
Shaeleigh Friedrichs  
Larissa Johnson  
Lynda Dahlberg  
Fe Sokolich  
Team Motutapu - Year 7  
David Nichol (Team Leader)  
Brooke Doherty  
Kelly Vallender  
Angela Winslade  
Mari-Louise van Zyl  
Lee-Ann Bester  
Kadon Captain  
Sandrine Douarin  
Team Rakino - Year 7  
Jo Powell (Team Leader)  
Catherine Horgan  
Bianca Steyn  
Emily Earle  
Hannah Bowman  
Michelle Brewer  
Mike Ferguson  
Robyn Norwell  
Support Staff  
Greg Watson, Property Manager  
Sally Pilkingotn, International Student Administrator     
Tammy Miles, Finance Manager  
Trudy Byrne, Executive Assistant to the Principal  
Maggie McIllroy, School Secretary  
Wendy Riley, Resource Room Manager  
Alice Browning, Sports Manager