Enrichment & Enhancement

Our school considers enrichment and enhancement to be an integral part of the class programme and has numerous avenues to provide this opportunity for our students:

  • Enrichment is integrated into the class programme. Students participate in thinking skills rogrammes, which help to develop higher order thinking skills. Classroom teachers provide extension work where appropriate in Numeracy and Literacy
  • The Recovery Enhancement and Enrichment Programme (REEP) provides another mechanism for academic challenge and support in the areas of Mathematics and Literacy. Students are identified by classroom teachers as participants in REEP.
  • Belmont offers an enrichment class in Year 7 and in Year 8. Selection for this class is determined by: 

o Year 6 teacher recommendation
o Year 6 assessment results
o BIS assessment results.
o Agency Support

We liaise closely with a number of special needs agencies. In consultation with homeroom teachers and parents, students can be referred for additional specialist support.This could include:Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour (RTLB)Special Education Services (MoE)Attention Behaviour Team
Waitemata HealthAssistive Technology (MoE)