International student support

Looking after students is important to us. Our International Student Director is in charge of pastoral care and works hard to support students and their families. Liaising between agents, parents, students, teachers and home-stay families, our International Student Director ensures that settling into a new school and community runs as smoothly as possible. 

All our international students will be assisted by our International Student Director and a student buddy in their first week to adapt to the school environment. Students will be given support in:

  • familiarisation with our school’s layout and facilities explanation of school rules and procedures
  • counselling services available and role of our International Student Director explained
  • ESOL testing
  • information on sports and extra-curriculum activities.

A native speaking counsellor is available and our buddy system helps students integrate and make new friends. The International Student Director is always on hand throughout the year to personally assist our international students with any other concerns or queries that they may have.

At Belmont Intermediate School we have a Masters qualified, dedicated ESOL teacher and a teacher aide to support our international students. We have an ESOL programme which assists our international students with extra reading, writing, speaking and listening to help our students improve their English skills so that they can easily keep up with their Kiwi classmates. Our programmes utilise online individualised reading, grammar course books, spelling programmes, phonics and small group speaking practise lessons. In addition, we offer English for Academic Purposes (EAP) for our advanced learners.