Report An Absence

Sickness / Absence & Lateness Reporting

If your child is unwell or going to arrive late to school, please complete the auto-form below.


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or contact the school office on 489 4878 before 9am to record the absence on the school answerphone. The school will ring home if you have an unexplained absence. If your child has continued unexplained absences they may be asked to make up missed time working during their free time.


If your child is sick, please DO NOT SEND THEM TO SCHOOL. We have had numerous instances recently where children have arrived at school unwell and been sent home before 10am. Sick children spread germs to other students and teachers, so we would appreciate your co-operation.

Time Away from School

If you are going away and intend taking your child out of school for five days or more, please email the Principal, Nick Hill, seeking approval in advance to

The Principal has to report cases of poor attendance to the Board of Trustees.