After school sports

We encourage all students to participate in sports throughout the year, encouraging friendships, good health, success, participation, team and individual confidence building.

After school sports offered at Belmont Intermediate School and information relating to them are shown in the table below. 

The costs shown are indicative costs per student. The cost includes fees for team entry, trials, games, membership etc as charged by the relevant external sports organisation. The cost also includes a fee of $5-$10, which covers the cost to the school of supplying and maintaining sports equipment and administration. We aim to provide finalised costs as soon as we have the information available, which should be before the registration close dates. 

Registration and payment
Payment and registration for all sports must be made using our Online Shop. Parents who are able to help with coaching, managing, umpiring or transport will be prompted to enter their details at the point of payment on our Online Shop.

After School Sports 2020

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