Belmont Intermediate School fulfills the requirements of the National Curriculum. Students are taught mainly in homeroom classes, with specialist teaching of Technology, the Arts, Science and Languages.  In the homerooms, students are taught English, Mathematics, Physical Health and Wellbeing. Where appropriate, some of these are combined into integrated unit studies. We recognise students don’t all learn at the same pace so we offer extension programmes in Mathematics, Science, the Arts and Technology.

Teacher aides and specifically qualified teachers assist students who require learning support.

Our school core competencies stress that all students are expected to take an active part in their learning. Reflection and personal goal setting are features of our school curriculum. Teachers support this process by vigorously providing students with feedback on their performance to enable them to take the next steps in their learning.

The school has an online Learning Management System (LMS), which enhances students' learning, self-management and technological skills